Frontier Communications is coming to town

High-speed Internet is important to the Brass City. With Frontier, Waterbury residents know they are not only getting speed, but reliability. That means, whether you’re looking for the best place to grab dinner or uploading photos of your food, Frontier always delivers dependable Internet that lets you do what you want to do without getting slowed down.

With Frontier Communications, Waterbury can stream and save more with multiple options:

  • High Speed Internet
  • Home Phone
  • Hundreds of channels and TV options
  • Digital Security

Love the fast speeds of Frontier Internet?

Waterbury residents know that there are options for any budget when you choose from our affordable pricing plans. Plus, lock in your price for two years when your choose Frontier. That means no surprise price hikes or games. Check out our pricing plans today.

Why Frontier Internet?

With Frontier’s Home Internet service, Waterbury residents get reliable Internet with high speeds. Keep everyone happy with a safe connection and no contract, all at an affordable price.

Get High Speed Internet

Waterbury residents know that faster Internet means more gaming, streaming and fun for the whole family. When you’re not worrying about slow speeds and high prices, you have more time to do what’s important. Plus, when you bundle Internet with Frontier TV, you get even more entertainment and savings.

Frontier TV

Options are good. Endless options are better. Frontier TV gives you the best options out there. From the hottest TV shows to the latest movies, watch it all with a crystal-clear HD picture. Frontier also gives you:

  • Mobile Access: With Frontier TV you can watch your favorite shows anywhere you want on compatible mobile devices
  • On-Demand: Choose from thousands of On-Demand titles and keep everyone entertained

What’s better than two Frontier services? Getting three for one low price. Add Frontier Phone for dependable calls and a trusted connection.

Frontier Phone

When you add Frontier Phone to your Internet bundle, you can save money and always stay connected, even in an emergency.

If you live in a rural area you know cell phones aren’t always reliable. But having a phone line with Frontier means you always have a connection. Plus, even if you lose power, our phone lines will work.

In addition to local calling, Frontier customers also get:

  • Choice of 20+ calling features
  • Call waiting
  • Contract-free service
  • Reliable phone line in case of an emergency

When you bundle all of our services, you win. Find a plan that fits your budget.

Frontier Internet Bundles

Want the best home internet service? Waterbury knows that Frontier offers the best plans and options. With Frontier bundles you get:

  • High Speed Internet
  • Home Phone
  • Digital TV

With Frontier Internet options, Waterbury, CT can customize their services to fit what they need. That means talking with family no matter where you live, gaming and streaming at super-fast speeds and staying entertained with all of our TV options. Don’t get slowed down, get Frontier.

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