High Speed Internet, from Frontier Communications

New Haven is eligible for Frontier high-speed Internet. Media-rich activity online requires enough broadband for the task, and Frontier delivers.

With Frontier Internet, New Haven customers can:

    • Turn tonight into movie night with your favorite streaming service
    • Have family and friends in New Haven, New Mexico or New Zealand? Video chat
    • Post videos and photos of your trip to Five Mile Point Light

Frontier’s reliable network makes it an excellent choice among Internet options. New Haven, CT gamers get enough broadband to compete with opponents anywhere, whenever.

What to bundle with Frontier Home Internet service

New Haven customers can add home phone and TV to create a Frontier bundle. Bundles deliver top services from a trusted provider, at a savings.

Begin your bundle with High Speed Internet. New Haven residents can bundle it with:

    • Crystal-clear calls and convenient calling features
  • TV
    • Your favorite shows, championship sports, blockbuster movies and more
    • It’s the ultimate Triple Play from Frontier. New Haven customers get a land line, loads of channel choices, and High-Speed Internet.

Get three services, from Frontier Communications. New Haven customers get Internet, TV and home phone in a cost-saving, convenient bundle.

Customer support for Frontier Internet

New Haven families can add Frontier Secure to cover online activity and devices. Access to 24/7 technical support also comes with Frontier Internet.

Call for help with your service, or on your enabled devices. Frontier offers a U.S.-based customer care team to answer your call, day or night.


Online security has become a crucial feature among Internet options. New Haven, CT residents can customize their Internet security suite with Frontier.

    • Damaged your enabled device – or worse? Repair or replace them.
    • Frontier Secure watches over personal data online. Share, surf and shop, knowing Frontier Secure has your back.
    • Store documents and files by Cloud sharing. Gain access to your personal files from enabled devices, anywhere.
    • It’s a watchful eye on your credit and non-credit activity online, by security pros.

Frontier Secure looks after vulnerable aspects of network security of your home Internet service. New Haven customers get comprehensive security products and technical support, 24/7.

Why Frontier High Speed Internet?

New Haven residents have plenty of choices for Internet service. What about Frontier?

    • There’s no contract to sign, and no price hikes for 24 months, with Frontier. Plus, pick from an array of plans to fit your needs and budget.
    • It’s a direct line to your home, from Frontier. New Haven cable customers might share their line with as many as 500 neighbors.
    • TV, home phone, or both bundle with high-speed Internet from Frontier. New Haven neighborhoods have access to all three services – at a savings when bundled.

That’s not all that comes in a bundle from Frontier Communications. New Haven customers can receive freebies such as a wireless router, to turn your home into a personal hot spot.